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How to Get Back Windows 10 – Windows Photo Viewer (2016-9-24)

Microsoft hides Windows Photo Viewer that we all used from Windows XP through Windows 8. If you upgrade to Windows 10 it is there but for new installations it is gone. You’ll need to bring it back with this script. Copy the below text to notepad (or notepad++) and save it as photoviewer.reg, then run […]

Securing and Optimizing Windows 10 (2016-9-24)

Security has been a concern since the first day Windows 10 was launched. Microsoft reports lots of information about you back to itself. They are trying to keep up with Google in the data collection space. So they made Windows 10 into a giant piece of spyware and launched it for free. Additionally Microsoft loads […]

Cannot Turn Off Outlook Autodiscover? Yes You Can. (2015-3-28)

A newer Outlook/Exchange feature (when connecting to Exchange using HTTP Proxy) in Outlook 2007, 2010 and Outlook 2013 is for client configuration to be autodiscovered. Outlook’s autodiscover feature searches your corporate email domain for the proper Outlook configuration. Per Microsoft this feature cannot be suppressed. However when Outlook autodiscover cannot find the settings/domain or if […]

Windows Server 2008 r2 and Windows 7 not Resolving Network Names Correctly (2014-12-20)

Microsoft has forced the adoption of IPv6. Microsoft Windows 2008/2012 servers and applications are heavily dependent on it. If you have disabled IPv6 on a Windows 2008/2012 server (including Windows 2011 Small Business Server) it may take 30-75 minutes before you can logon. IPv6 is critical to Windows Server and its applications, including Exchange. Leave […]

Microsoft Networking – A Network Name Issue (2012-11-6)

There’s a known problem onh Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows Vista mapping documents to the network. The issue is when you map a user’s desktop documents folder to the network share the userfolder’s name disappears and “documents” is all the other users see instead of “bsmith” or whatever your naming convention is. Microsoft […]

The Airline Ticket Virus: How to Remove (2012-1-20)

One of the recent viruses we’ve seen has been the airplane ticket virus. The email shows flight information and instructs the recipient to open the attachment which looks like a Microsoft Word document but is actually a virus. The virus installs a rootkit and embeds itself into a Windows computer. How to remove: 1 – […]

Windows 7 Hype – 7 Gotchas & Recommendations (2009-12-15)

Windows 7…released two months ago and it is the greatest thing since…since…the last best version of Windows?? From an IT perspective I’ve been disappointed by a several missing core features that should have been included. These missing “core features” are a huge oversight by MS. Why did Microsoft skip them? Functionality is the most important […]