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Microsoft Losing Its Way? (2012-6-5)

Recently the big news was this: Microsoft is removing the START button in Windows 8 and the new Server OS. The news was here: An update to the news is here: What’s the big deal? It’s just a button! Right? Actually it indicates the changing landscape of IT and how Microsoft perceives the […]

7 Considerations Before Adopting “The Cloud” (2011-4-16)

Is the “The Cloud” pain-free and risk-free? I’ve been an advocate of cloud services since 2001, before CEOs and execs knew of the technology. “The Cloud” is a catch phrase and can mean several different IT services from something as simple as hosting a website on an Internet connected server to as complex as moving […]

Economic & Business Justification of Managed IT Services – Part 1 (2009-10-6)

Why managed IT services? What are the benefits? Can they help? You may have lots of questions about managed IT services so over several posts we’ll offer insight to help determine if managed IT services is a good fit for your organization. First, about our service, AOC offers co-managed IT services, which is related but differs […]