Windows 10 Start menu troubles? Microsoft has a troubleshooter for that.

If your Windows 10 start menu won’t come up, Microsoft has a troubleshooter as outlined in this article:

A corporate client had this problem. The PC was a Dell Optiplex 9020 with a factory loaded copy of Windows 10. We updated Windows 10 with all the most recent patches. Local profiles worked perfectly fine but domain profiles/logons had this problem. Clearly there was a permission issue in some area of the registry or file system. The Microsoft app fix didn’t work. Nor did many other reg hacks and other troubleshooting. In the end we took a retail copy of Windows 10 and reloaded Windows. That fixed it and it also ran faster than Dell’s factory load. The source of the issue is Windows 10 but also it might have been how it was loaded at the factory??? Another note, we ghosted the Dell Windows image to a Samsung SSD. There were no issues in the local profile (even after joining the domain), only domain profiles. After fixing it we disabled telemetry as outlined in our earlier post the computer runs very fast.

This is the link to the Microsoft app: here and more info here. Some other sites with troubleshooting steps: here and here.

Note: In our case the Microsoft app said there was a problem in the domain profile but when logged on as a local user the app reported no issues! So we formatted the SSD and started over from scratch. It was not a repair install and the computer ran perfectly after the clean reinstall.


mpasatieri posted at 2016-9-28 Category: General News