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Windows 10 Start menu troubles? Microsoft has a troubleshooter for that. (2016-9-28)

If your Windows 10 start menu won’t come up, Microsoft has a troubleshooter as outlined in this article: A corporate client had this problem. The PC was a Dell Optiplex 9020 with a factory loaded copy of Windows 10. We updated Windows 10 with all the most recent patches. Local profiles worked perfectly fine […]

How to Get Back Windows 10 – Windows Photo Viewer (2016-9-24)

Microsoft hides Windows Photo Viewer that we all used from Windows XP through Windows 8. If you upgrade to Windows 10 it is there but for new installations it is gone. You’ll need to bring it back with this script. Copy the below text to notepad (or notepad++) and save it as photoviewer.reg, then run […]

Securing and Optimizing Windows 10 (2016-9-24)

Security has been a concern since the first day Windows 10 was launched. Microsoft reports lots of information about you back to itself. They are trying to keep up with Google in the data collection space. So they made Windows 10 into a giant piece of spyware and launched it for free. Additionally Microsoft loads […]