Java Security Error – How to Grant a Java Exception

Java is stepping up security and once available websites may have fallen out of compliance. Follow these steps to add a java exception if you require access to one of these non-compliant websites:

1 . First find the java.policy file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_66 (or your version)\lib\security. Open the java.policy file with notepad or my favorite notepad++.

2. You’ll see some text such as:

grant {
// Allows any thread to stop itself using the java.lang.Thread.stop()
// method that takes no argument.
// Note that this permission is granted by default only to remain
// backwards compatible.
// It is strongly recommended that you either remove this permission
// from this policy file or further restrict it to code sources
// that you specify, because Thread.stop() is potentially unsafe.
// See the API specification of java.lang.Thread.stop() for more
// information.
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission “stopThread”;

just add a line like this but change “this info” to the IP (:port if needed) you are trying to access.

permission “”, “connect, accept”;

3. Save the file, use Notepad++ if notepad doesn’t work.

4. In control panel, under security tab add the website to the excluded site list.

For more information visit:


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