Rethinking Artificial Intelligence

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Hello Friends. I don’t often concern myself with AI but lately there’s been talk of AI killer robots and the grim human future. There’s nothing to fear now since we are in the early development stage of creating AI and true consciousness could be decades away. I hope the piece below adds to the philosophical conversation about the future our children and grandchildren will inherit. Thank you, Michael Pasatieri

Rethinking Artificial Intelligence

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is the self-awareness of machines. When contemplating if something has artificial intelligence, what we are really asking is whether the machine can think. More accurately what we are really referring to is called Artificial Consciousness. Reports reveal that initial results have fallen short of expectations. Early attempts have produced egotistical self-absorbed machine ‘personalities.’ A primary characteristic of self-aware beings is the acknowledgement and care of others and their intentions, needs and wants. Ironically a machine which thinks of others first could be vital to creating a ‘self-aware’ machine.

If AC winds up being selfish then our children’s future might indeed be grim. Combined with an unconditional autopoietic imperative, self-aware machines could eventually eliminate humans. Asimov believed that the Three Law of Robotics would protect us. However the three laws of robotics are theorized to be unrealistic as super-intelligent AC machines are unlikely to also view themselves as inferior beings. Therefore I propose the two laws: 1) Do all you have agreed to do (contract law) and 2) Do not encroach on another person or their property (tort law). If we aren’t careful and ethical in creating AC then Elon Musk’s dark prediction of killer robots could come true. Let’s rethink AC cautiously before AC rethinks us.

Michael Pasatieri

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