Error Message – Insufficient Disk Space. Restoring Exchange Mailboxes or Folders with Symantec Backup Exec 2014.

Insufficient Disk Space is an error Backup Exec gives when trying to restore folders or emails into Exchange. Previously, in BE 2010 and earlier, Backup Exec could do a brick level restore – meaning it could retrieve a single folder or email. These brick level backup jobs ran slowly but they were useful when restoring. Since then BE changed how it restores into Exchange Server. Now it restores the ENTIRE Exchange database (even if you need just a single email restored) into a temp location then it queries the DB and recovers only that data. If the temp location specified does not have more free space than the size of your Exchange DB (of that backup job’s date) it fails with an error message ‘insufficient disk space.’ To remedy either clear up space or change the location of the restore temp Exchange DB.

This solution works for either Small Business Edition of Symantec backup exec or the regular product.

? Check that there is sufficient disk space available. This is because Backup Exec will stage the entire Exchange Information Store before restoring any individual items.
? The default location for temporary files is: C:\Temp. This needs to be changed to the drive with the most space available.
This is done as follows: Tools -> Options -> Restore (Path on media server for staging temporary restore data…).
? The user concerned needs to be logged out of their email.

The above steps solution are located here:

note: Backup Exec 2014 has the temp location under Configurations and Settings -> Granular Recovery Technology.

The process is slow, especially if your Exchange DB is large.

Hope this help your Backup Exec error.

Michael Pasatieri

mpasatieri posted at 2015-4-3 Category: General News