Microsoft Networking – A Network Name Issue

There’s a known problem onh Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows Vista mapping documents to the network. The issue is when you map a user’s desktop documents folder to the network share the userfolder’s name disappears and “documents” is all the other users see instead of “bsmith” or whatever your naming convention is.

Microsoft has a “fix” here:;EN-US;947222 and you’ll see they recommend 3 different actions that MIGHT fix the problem. If you look on technet this problem still isn’t fixed there either so here’s my fix that is easy and actually works.

1) browse from the server to the share, open the share.
2) show hidden files.
3) delete the desktop.ini file (or open it and modify it to whatever you want it to say)
4) you may need to close windows explorer and reopen as F5 may not refresh the left hand folders properly.
5) it is fixed.

If you are working with large numbers of users this is not very efficient so you could batch delete the desktop.ini if needed.

Good luck, Mike


2015 Update: This seemed to be an Office issue that got resolved in the recent Office version. Also we no longer map the document folder directly to a user share but rather a subfolder.

mpasatieri posted at 2012-11-6 Category: OS, Server Support