Another Reason to Second-Guess Moving to “The Cloud”

David Barksdale was a site reliability engineer at Google when he was fired last July after it was discovered he had been accessing users’ accounts to find personal information. According to reports, he snooped through one 15-year-old boy’s Google Voice call logs to find out the name of the kid’s girlfriend and then threatened to call her.
He also supposedly used his position at Google to access other personal information such as chat transcripts, e-mails and contact information. When one teen blocked Barksdale from the kid’s buddy list, it was reported that he used the system to unblock himself. Google acknowledged it and “dismissed David Barksdale for breaking Google’s strict internal privacy policies.”


Earlier I blogged this post: 7 Considerations Before Adopting “The Cloud”. I find a percentage of corporate leaders are hesitant to second guess the herd but the legal risks and corporate threats are real and at the very least they should be studied and reviewed for risk assessment.

If you are considering a move to the cloud make sure you know the security of your data and VMs and the cloud company’s onsite physical security and internal corporate policies beforehand.

mpasatieri posted at 2011-6-3 Category: General News