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A very interesting and honest, even painful self-analysis for CIOs to endure, piece at CIOs over large institutions find themselves in a tough situation. Economically speaking the recent historic stock market rally is government backed and not sustainable. Besides the US manufacturing base is weak and the consumer carries too much debt. We believe growth will return when debt is reduced, this will bring sustainable business growth. Until then all businesses and nonprofit organizations will cut costs, reduce staff positions and do the same work load but with fewer employees, even CIOs are under the gun to cut costs or be downsized. From CIO Insight:

CIOs are under the gun to cut costs and boost productivity. Their executive peers are calling on them to become more business savvy and to better align their strategies with those of the overall business. All the while, their bosses expect them to build and hone an innovation machine that will set their companies up for success after the recession.

A whopping 95 percent of respondents to our annual CIO Role study say CIOs are expected to change the way business works. But seven in 10 say CIOs get less respect than other C-level executives.

That points to a clear lack of perceived legitimacy in the CIO function.

Dr. Art Langer, senior director of the Center for Technology, Innovation and Community Engagement at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, weighs in on this issue in his debut analysis for CIO Insight. Langer’s piece, “Is the CIO Crisis Here?”, looks at the startling fact that in the midst of the recession, many businesses have let their CIOs go—and they have not named replacements. In many cases, they’re leaving the former CIO’s deputy to run the IT organization, just without the C-level title.

At AOC, we understand this increasing pressure to provide IT services that have a specific link to business function for less. That’s what we do best. Although we are technical we are also very adapt at marrying business and organizational needs to technical solutions and service. Every service, project and recommendation we do has a specific relationship to a business function and we find a way to do it for less. We can help, so contact us today. To read the rest of the article, click here.

Mike Pasatieri, CEO

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