Co-Managed IT Support Solutions

I am excited about our new service lineup for non-profits and ministries, co-managed IT support solutions. AOC has helped businesses since 2002 but early in 2009 I grew concerned that the economic downturn was affecting many non-profits and ministries financially and their ability to serve. Understanding these challenges and having a desire to help nonprofit and ministries, we created additional services that leverage our technical strengths for these organization’s benefit and bottom line. Although we are in rough economic conditions, organizations that make it through this period with a clearly communicated message and a solid purpose will thrive in the second great wave of philanthropy. Immediately after our Co-Managed IT Support Solutions were completed in July 2009 several organizations are meeting with us to determine how they can benefit from our managed IT services. The work these organizations do is stellar and we’re excited to be a blessing while filling critical needs within these organization’s IT functions. I’ll be posting updates so check back soon.

Mike Pasatieri, CEO

mpasatieri posted at 2009-7-27 Category: Co-Managed IT Services